Circle of Service
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This is a very prestigious award given to a person or couple who has been an active part of square dancing and has unselfishly volunteered their time and talents to the benefit and promotion of square dancing within the Federation. The fact that one is nominated is a very high honor whether or not they are selected to enter the Circle of Service.

The candidate(s) will be nominated on his/her own merit. This person(s) should be known throughout the Federation. The person(s) needs to be a member of the Illinois Federation at the time of their accomplishments. It is very important to provide as much information as possible, including dates, their position and what major accomplishments they have done. If a picture of the person(s) is available, please submit it at the same time.

There will be no limits or restrictions to the number of people approved each year. The IFSRDC Circle of Service will be financed by the Illinois Federation and new members will be presented at each May Festival.

The Committee consists of five voting members appointed by the Federation President. Nomination Forms for the IFSRDC Circle of Service must be submitted by April 1 each year. 

Nomination Form

2011 Recipients

2012 Recipients

2013 Recipients

Bill* and Micky Birge

Curt and Peggy Braffet

Wayne and Shirley* Ackerman

George and Therese Colclasure

Bob* and Kathy Curtis

Ron and Jan Betzelberger

Herb and Pat Edwards

Linda Hiltabrand

Harry* and Shirley* Cacy

Ed* and Marilyn Elder

Dale and Bev McRoberts

Gary and Bobbie Eby

Ed and Iris Gaitros

Joe and Lois Schaefer

Charley and Evelyn Engelhardt

Ray* and Marilyn Grimshaw

John and Pam Stultz

Lloyd and Pat Starwalt

Don* and Mable McConnell

Bill* and Marilyn Vespa

2014 Recipients

Ozzie and Linda Pearl

Bud* and Liz Welch

John $ Ruth McCormick

Lee* and Maxine* Sturgis

Bruno* and Jean* Zeni

Gail & Dixie Day

Roy* and Carol Tungett



Jim* and Evelyn* Umstatd


2016 Recipients

Bob and Effie Whiteman


Donna Swearinger-Phillips

* deceased


Ron and Ann Leesman

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