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Early in 1952, Lee Sturgis and wife Maxine of Decatur, initiated a movement for a square dance federation in Illinois. At a meeting of interested individuals in Decatur’s Nelson Park, a tentative constitution was read, amended, and adopted on July 26, 1952, with the name of the organization to be Illinois Federation of Square Dance Clubs. Lee Sturgis served as the first President of the organization and was re-elected in 1953. At the May 1971 Federation meeting, the name of the organization was changed to Illinois Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs.


The present Constitution, revised January 1987, states that membership shall consist of organized square and round dance clubs having duly elected officers and meeting regularly at least once a month, or not less than seven months a year. Any square or round dance club my apply for membership upon meeting these qualifications and payment of the annual dues of $10.00. Membership application forms may be obtained from the membership committee of the Federation or from this web site.


The purposes of the Illinois Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs are: to promote and maintain the highest square and round dance standards; to assist in the organization of square and round dance clubs; to assist in the development of callers and music, and maintain information regarding same; to promote and have active charge of an Annual State Square and Round Dance Festival, referred to as the May Festival; to see that any and all information for the benefit of the membership and the promotion of the purposes of this organization be distributed to its members.


Business of the Federation is conducted by the Board of Directors, consisting of two representatives from each member club. This board meets regularly three (2) times a year and other times as the need arises. The regular meetings are on a Sunday in October, and the Saturday of the May Festival, which is held in May. 


At the annual meeting in May, four (4) officers are elected from the membership of the directors. These are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
                    See list of former Presidents.
                      See list of former Officers


The Federation plans and directs an all state square and round dance festival the first weekend in May each year. Festivals have been held in the following cities:
                      See list of Festival locations.


Since January of 1954, the Federation has published and distributed a newsletter, “The Square Chute”, to all member clubs. Club news, schedules, announcements of upcoming dance events, and any other information of interest to Federation members should be sent to the editor no later than two (2) months in advance of the month for publication. “The Square Chute” is published four (4) times a year.